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Workshop on Communication Technology at TU Berlin

How to Achieve 1Tbps in Wireless?

November 21, 2022

Berlin, Germany
Please click below to reach links to the recorded videos of the talks.
An event organized by TU-Berlin and sponsored by Huawei
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The quest for higher and higher wireless data rates is never ending. After raising excessive expectations, 5G is rolling out essentially as an incremental improvement of 4G-LTE, and the announced mmWave revolution, with extremely large channel bandwidth and fantastic data rates, is everything but a widespread success. Most unrealized expectations have been shifted from 5G to "beyond 5G'' aka 6G.

As usual, an endless series of "vision papers'' is focusing on "enabling technologies'' which in the 6G context focus on very high carrier frequencies (sub-THz) with very large channel bandwidths, new antenna technologies (Reflective Intelligent Surfaces), beyond cellular network architectures (Cell-free user-centric), and the merger of sensing and communication functions on the same network/hardware. 

In this workshop, internationally renown experts present their viewpoint on a very specific theme, namely, how to achieve 1Tbps in wireless. The question is open-ended and ill-posed on purpose. Should this be achieved on a single link? per base station? or aggregate per unit area? 


The purpose of this workshop is to stimulate not only "visions'', but a concrete technical discussion. 

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